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Ages 7 to 13

Apostrophe Kids is a Language Arts, academic enrichment program developed by an Ontario Certified Teacher.  

At Apostrophe Kids, students will learn to:

• read various texts and build a deeper understanding of the content

• write effective short responses and essays

• organize their thinking for written and oral work

• develop research skills

• deliver powerful presentations

• use media to enhance their experience 

At Apostrophe Kids, we believe strong language skills will translate to successes in other subject areas such as solving word problems in Mathematics, researching for Social Studies, writing reports for Science, and public speaking throughout their academic career.

Registration for

Term 2 is now open!


Term 1: Sept 20, 2018 - Jan 31, 2019

Term 2: Feb 7, 2019 - Jun 13, 2019


To cultivate, lead and inspire our students to become world-class thinkers and expert communicators, deliver a challenging and exciting curriculum that exceeds Ministry expectations, foster a love of learning, and help students realize and maximize their potential.


Apostrophe Kids is designed for students who have a passion for language and the motivation to learn. Apostrophe Kids focuses on Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Public Speaking and Media Education. The goal is to have students transfer their knowledge gained through the Apostrophe Kids program to meet and exceed various curriculum expectations at school.